WheatonGives Social Media Guide

You can use these sample social media posts to get the word out to your social networks! You can copy and paste or get creative - just make sure to always include a fundraising page link in all of your posts, and don't forget to use #wheatongives to see your post populate on our social feed!

Sample posts before WheatonGives

  • On April 29, Wheaties and friends from near and far are coming together All as One for #WheatonGives. Your support is needed now more than ever. Want to make a difference? Learn more at givingday.wheaton.edu
  • This is your invitation to be a part of something big. On April 29, we are uniting All as One to support #MyWheaton through #WheatonGives.  Find out more at givingday.wheaton.edu
  • The 24-hour giving day for #MyWheaton is on April 29. Will you join me in donating to #WheatonGives? Let's dig deep and make a big impact for Wheaton students! Find out more at  givingday.wheaton.edu
  • On April 29, don't miss your chance to come together All as One for #Wheatongives! All gifts, large or small, make a difference. Are you with me? Learn more at givingday.wheaton.edu

Sample Posts During WheatonGives on April 29

  • #MyWheaton community, it's time to unite! We can make a difference when we support #WheatonGives All as One. Join me in making a donation at givingday.wheaton.edu
  • Today is #WheatonGives! I'm helping #MyWheaton students with a gift to the Wheaton Fund. Want to make a difference? Let's do this All as One. Give now at givingday.wheaton.edu
  • It's here! For 24 hours, the #MyWheaton community is making a difference through donations to the Wheaton Fund during #WheatonGives! I'm in. Are you? Make a donation at givingday.wheaton.edu
  • I just donated to #WheatonGives at givingday.wheaton.edu. Have you? It's not too late. What do you say? All gifts, large or small, make a difference. Let's come together and give All as One!


Use our social media graphics to make your fundraising posts stand out on social media.